Spotlight on Stardom: The Top 10 Bollywood Award Shows We Anticipate Every Year

Spotlight on Stardom: The Top 10 Bollywood Award Shows We Anticipate Every Year

The Bollywood award shows are held every year to celebrate and recognize the best performers of the Hindi Film Industry. These award shows are filled with entertainment and glamor followed by breathtaking performances by popular Bollywood stars. 

Award shows are a great way to recognize and honor filmmakers for their continual efforts in the world of Cinema. Here are some of the most popular Bollywood award shows that have helped in the growth of the Bollywood film industry: (Sad News For Fans – Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us)

1) National Film Awards 

The National Film Awards is the most prestigious film award ceremony in India. It was established in 1954 and has been handled by the Indian government’s Directorate of Film Festivals since 1973, along with the International Film Festival of India and the Indian Panorama. The awards are presented by the President of India at the ceremony, which takes place every year in New Delhi. Winners are chosen by a national panel established by the government. After the event, award-winning films are screened for the general public at the National Film Festival.

2) Filmfare Awards

The Filmfare Awards is one of the oldest award shows in the history of Indian cinema. It was first given out in 1954 and was established by The Times Group and Filmfare. Since 2000, the awards have been associated with the Sony Entertainment Television network. The Filmfare is also known as the Oscar Awards of Bollywood. Awards are given in four categories: merit awards, technical awards, critics’ awards, and special jury awards for the best in Hindi film. (Read Most Horror Story – Trails Carolina Horror Stories)

3) IIFA Awards

The International Indian Film Academy Awards aka IIFA is the most popular award show of Bollywood. It was established in 2000 by Wizcraft International, and within 22 years the IIFA Awards have grown to be one of most entertaining and glamorous award shows for the Indian film industry. Every year the IIFA award show takes place in different countries around the world to recognize artistic and technical achievement in the Bollywood and Indian Film Industry. There are three main categories of awards; popular awards, special jury awards, and technical awards.

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4) Zee Cine Awards

The Zee Cine Awards were established in 1998 by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The award show was initially held in Mumbai until 2004 and then went International. They organized their award shows in many countries like Dubai, London, Mauritius, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, and so on. Their awards are divided into three categories; Jury’s Choice, Viewer’s Choice, and Technical Awards.

5) Stardust Awards

Stardust Awards were founded in 2003 by Stardust Magazine. The awards honor the best in the film industry. There awards are divided into many categories; Editors’ Choice, Readers’ Choice, and Lifetime Achievement. It also contains unique awards such as Style Icon of the Year, Star of the Century, Exciting New Face, and Millennium. (Shocking & Interesting Information: 8 Most Expensive Weddings In Bollywood Industry)

6) Screen Awards

The Screen Awards were established in 1995 by Screen Magazine of the Indian Express Group. This is an annual awards show in India that recognizes professional excellence in Bollywood. The award was formerly known as Star Screen Awards but the magazine was acquired by Star India in 2015 however they closed down. Although the event is still sponsored by Star India under the name of the Star Screen Awards.

The award categories are Critics Awards, Technical Awards, Popular Choice Awards, and Special Awards.

7) STAR Guild Awards

The Star Guild Awards previously known as Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards were established in 2004 by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and organized by director Amit Khanna There are different award categories for both film and television including merit awards, technical awards, and special awards. The show was last held in 2016.

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8) TOIFA Awards

The Times of India Film Awards started in 2013 by The Times of India. This award show is held every year to celebrate the artistic and technical excellence of the Bollywood film industry. They have award categories for Acting, music, critics, and technical awards. The award show made its debut in 2013 in Canada and the second and third editions were held in the United States (2015) and Dubai (2016). The show was last held in 2021.

9) GIMA Awards

Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) were established in 2010 and presented by The Global Indian Music Academy. The main goal of this award show is to give honor and recognition to the music industry. This show is held every year where the GIMA jury, which includes some of the most popular and well-known artists in the nation selects the nominees. It’s a great platform to appreciate Bollywood playback singers, producers, composers, lyricists, and so on. Not only Bollywood but this award show also awards non-film categories.

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10) Mirchi Music Awards

Mirchi Music Awards were established in 2009 by Radio Mirchi to recognize the best talent in the Bollywood music industry. The award is given to those musicians who show both artistic and technical skills in the music industry. Like other music awards, this show also has many categories including Critics’ awards, Listeners’ Choice awards, and technical awards. Not only Bollywood. This music award show also honors Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam music industry.

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