Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us (Actors, Singers Players & More)

Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us (Actors, Singers Players & More)

It is not uncommon for the deaths of famous people to cause feelings of grief in us. This year, for example, countless celebrities left us sad when they passed away. Check the list!

Dealing with death is not an easy task for the vast majority of people. In addition to grieving, dealing with the bureaucracy that arises after someone passes away is exhausting after losing a loved one.

However, it is not only the death of a relative or close person that can represent a moment of great sadness. When famous people pass away, it’s impossible not to feel empathy for the person’s relatives and even ourselves. After all, when we lose great talents who are capable of making us happy, it is impossible not to be melancholic. (Read Most Horror Story – Trails Carolina Horror Stories)

Why Are We Sad When A Famous Person Dies?

The death of a very important person who comes under the Media Circle can cause feelings of sadness, shock, and confusion. These feelings happen frequently and even if they seem strange at first, they are completely normal and healthy.

Mourning a celebrity can be explained by several factors. One of them, of course, is the emotional bond we can create with these celebrities. This type of relationship is called by psychology a parasocial relationship, that is, a relationship that happens on the part of only one of the people.

Because we have such easy access to information about these people’s lives, it’s almost as if they were part of our own lives. Thus, we create bonds with these personalities and feel sad when something bad happens to them.

Another reason that explains sadness over the death of a famous person is feelings of nostalgia. When we see a celebrity, we immediately remember happy moments that they were indirectly part of. Therefore, when idols from our childhood die, like the late Jimmy Buffett, we feel that part of us dies along with them.

Even if the mourning for famous personalities may seem inexplicable or even “silly”, this is a feeling that attests to how empathetic and charitable human beings are.

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Celebrities Who Left Us In 2023

So, after we better understand the reasons behind the sadness we feel when a famous person dies. Check out the list of names from Celebrity News data that unfortunately left us this year.

1. Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett was an American singer born August 3, 1926, in Queens, New York, and died July 21, 2023 in the same city. Having distinguished himself in both popular music and jazz, he released more than 70 albums during his career. He declared that he had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease since 2016 and died at the age of 96.

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2. Bray Wyatt

Windham Lawrence Rotunda, born May 23, 1987, in Florida, and died August 24, 2023, is an American professional wrestler. He is known for his work in WWE under the name Bray Wyatt. On August 24, 2023, Triple H, the creative director of the company, announced on social networks his death at the age of 36 from a heart attack caused by heart complications amplified by the contraction of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2023.

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3. Terry Funk

Terrance “Terry” Funk (born June 30, 1944, in Hammond, Indiana – August 23, 2023, in Amarillo, Texas) was an American professional wrestler. Terry Funk died on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at the age of 79, in Amarillo (USA, Texas). On that day, WWE announced the death of Terry Funk without citing a cause. Tributes from his contemporaries and colleagues honor him as “the greatest wrestler of all time” and “one of the greatest workers”

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4. William Friedkin

William Friedkin, born August 29, 1935, in Chicago and died August 7, 2023 in Los Angeles (California), is an American film director, screenwriter and producer. Several of his films like French Connection (1971) or The Exorcist (1973) are considered classics of American cinema. For this first, he notably received the Oscar for best director. According to the statement of his wife, he passed away due to pneumonia and heart failure in his Bel Air home.

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5. Mark Margolis

Mark Margolis, born November 26, 1939, in Pennsylvania and died August 3, 2023, in New York (New York State), is an American actor. He died at the age of 83, at Mount Sinai Hospital (USA, New York). (Also Check – Celebrities Who Already Given Birth And Are Expecting A Baby In 2023)

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6. Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud, born July 10, 1998, in California and died July 31, 2023, in the same city, is an American actor. He is particularly known for the role of Fezco in the television series “Euphoria” (2019-2023, drama). He died a few days after the funeral of his father Conor Hickey, to whom he was very close and whose death was “extremely painful” for the actor.

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7. Paul Reubens

Paul Rubenfeld is an American comedian, actor, and screenwriter born August 27, 1952, in Peekskill (State of New York) and died July 30, 2023 in Los Angeles (California). He is best known as the creator and voice of the character Pee-Wee Herman. He also plays in many Tim Burton films. According to the study, He died of cancer.

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8. Randy Meisner

A founding member of the rock group The Eagles, Randy Meisner was born March 8, 1946, in Nebraska and died July 26, 2023 in Los Angeles (California). He co-wrote and sang “Take It to the Limit” (1975), one of the biggest hit songs of that time. He died at the age of 77 due to complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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We feel very sorry for these famous personalities. Their activities and success stories will be there with us for the rest of our lives.

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