Zeyn Shaw Biography – Everything About The Rising Young Star Who Starred In Hit Netflix Web Series ‘Class’

Zeyn Shaw Biography – Everything About The Rising Young Star Who Starred In Hit Netflix Web Series ‘Class’

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving and we can now see a positive change in it as it is accepting new-age actors without any film background. No wonder; even the audience is accepting new faces that hold a lot of potential and do brilliantly on the screen. The one actor who is creating a lot of buzz because of his amazing looks as well as his acting is Zeyn Shaw. Not many people know him by his real name, but the people who have seen his show might end up recognizing him. 

Zeyn is quite new to the acting world, and with his acting in his new Netflix web series, he has become a favorite of many people. No wonder people are curious to know about Zeyn Shaw’s story, which involves a lot of things like Zeyn Shaw’s lifestyle, education, earlier projects, net worth, relationships, and much more. So, without waiting any further, let’s get into his biography. 

Zeyn Shaw: His Early Life

There is not much information about Zeyn Shaw’s history or early life. However, as per sources and reports, he did his schooling at a boarding school situated in Singapore. During his school years, he took part in an annual theater show, and from that point on, he had a keen interest in acting. Later, Zeyn moved to New York and completed his graduation from Boston University. 

Also, he joined the Lee Strasberg Theatre as well as the Film Institute to fulfill his acting dream. After completing his education and training in acting in 2018, he moved to Mumbai to get better opportunities in the field of acting. So far, he has been fortunate enough to work with nice and talented stars in the acting industry. 

His Stats 

As per Zeyn Shaw’s wiki, here are his stats mentioned below: 

  • Nickname: Zenu
  • Height: 5’9 
  • Eye color: Brown 
  • Hair color: black.
  • Date of birth – 23 November
  • Zeyn Shaw’s age is not known.
  • Birthplace: New Delhi 
  • Marital Status: Unmarried 
  • Parents: Sakib Shaw and Shiba Shaw 
  • Siblings: One sister (Lylah Shaw)

Zeyn Shaw and his family

As per the Media Circle, Zeyn Shaw is known to have been born in New Delhi into a wealthy family. There is not much about his family, but as per sources and reports, in his family, there are four members, including him. His father, Sakib Shaw, is an affluent businessman, while his mother, Shiba Shaw, is a homemaker. Zeyn also has a sister named Lylah Shaw. 

Know About Zeyn Shaw’s Career

About Zeyn Shaw’s career, after shifting to Mumbai, India, in the year 2018, he gave auditions but got rejected because of his fair complexion. But in 2023, he got the role in Class, which is a Netflix series. In this series, he played the role of Veer. This show is an adaptation of a famous Spanish TV series named Elite and is of the crime/drama/thriller genre. 

According to celebrity news and the interviews done by Zeyn, this was the first time he acted in front of the camera. Also, as per sources, he has worked in a Hindi thriller opposite Salman Khan’s niece, named Alizeh Agnihotri, which is yet to be released. 

His Relationships 

When it comes to Zeyn Shaw’s information related to his relationships, there are no concrete answers. However, there are speculations that he might be in a relationship with Nurshath Dulal, and because of this, his fans are constantly searching for Nurshath Dulal’s bio

His Social media profile 

Another thing that fans want to know about Zeyn Shaw’s bio is his social media profile. As per sources, Zeyn has an account on Instagram with the username ‘Zeynshaw’. He is known to have 3,535 followers. Also, his Instagram account is not yet verified. His fans can easily connect with him through his social media profile. 

Zeyn Shaw Net Worth 

As per sources and reports, Zeyn Shaw’s net worth is estimated to be $200 to $500,000. He has just begun his career, which is why there is not much information about his financial status, salary, benefits, etc. However, he is going through a strong financial situation.  

Impressive Facts About Zeyn Shaw 

  • Zeyn has balanced a fidget spinner for 10 minutes or more on his nose. 
  • As per sources, he keeps on watching Jamie Campbell Bower movies and TV shows, Milly Alcock movies and TV shows, Bella Ramsey movies and TV shows, and Hunter Doohan Films And TV series.
  • Before doing the web series, he never did a single show or commercial
  • He used to feel very shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera. However, slowly and gradually, he started feeling comfortable with the help of an understanding director.
  • He is trained in the stage combat method, which is a special technique in theater, in order to simulate physical altercations without putting performers in danger.
  • He is pretty fluent in English, Hindi, Spanish, and French.
  • He is an ardent smoker and drinker and has consumed both on several occasions.
  • Before coming to Mumbai, he went through a lot of rejections due to his pale skin color.


Zeyn Shaw is a newcomer who has done brilliant acting in his Netflix series. The above-mentioned Zeyn Shaw biography in detail will help you know more about him up close and personal. It is said that he is working on many upcoming and exciting projects. No wonder; he has already made his place in the hearts of people. For more celebrity pregnancy announcements and detailed Rupali Barua bio, Teanna Trump bio, Nurshath Dulal’s Inspiring Biography, and many more celebrities, stay tuned with us.


Which was his debut web series?

Zayn Shaw’s debut web series was Strange City, released in 2016. He played the character of a partygoer.

What’s his birthplace?

He was born in New Delhi.

What are the names of his parents and siblings?

His parents’ names are Sakib Shaw and Shiba Shaw. However, his sister’s name is Lylah Shaw.

What character did he play in the hit web series Class?

His character’s name is Veer Ahuja in the hit Netflix web series Class.

What’s his net worth?

His net worth is around $500,000.

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