Shah Rukh Khan Is All Praises And Appreciations For Sumit Arora, Jawan’s Dialogue Writer

Shah Rukh Khan Is All Praises And Appreciations For Sumit Arora, Jawan’s Dialogue Writer

The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is known for many qualities, from portraying raw emotions to understanding every character pretty well. But what truly warms the heart of everyone he meets is his warmth, humbleness, respect, and humility. Having made such fame for himself, one would think that Shah Rukh Khan would be full of himself, with arrogance and rudeness seeping from every orifice. But that’s not the case and it’s evident from Sumit Arora’s Twitter post. 

Arora, the dialogue writer of Jawaan, recently posted on Twitter about his opinions and experiences while filming with Shah Rukh. His emphasis on the actor started by describing him through the phrase “magic and a bundle of love”. He did mention that everyone who meets Shah Rukh always ends up feeling respected and special and that’s why the phrase is being used. Sumit didn’t stop her from praising SRK as he further added the actor always deals with every person and situation with grace, love, and humbleness that can’t be realty found at today’s time.

He added in his tweet how Shah Rukh Khan always values inclusiveness, considers everyone’s opinions and thoughts, and never disrespects anyone. Additionally, he also expressed his eagerness to learn more from the actor so that he can also become a great star in true sense. The most humorous part of the tweet was its ending as Sumit Arora concluded with the statement, “You are truly the Zinda Baap of Bollywood. Bas, now I will stop here…, warna aap phir se bologe ki, itna lamba mat likh, picture hai, khatam bhi karna hai”. 

It means that SRK might say after reading such a long tweet that Sumit should focus on writing short. He seems to have related this with the time when the actor told him that it’s a picture and it needs an ending. So, having long dialogues will be difficult! In response to the tweet having a picture of SEK hugging Sumit Arora, the actor also replied in a comical manner. He stated that the tweet still is so long, which is why Arora needs to be precise and keep everything concise. 

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