Nayanthara Finally Made Her Instagram Debut With Her Twins As A Mother

Nayanthara Finally Made Her Instagram Debut With Her Twins As A Mother

Known as one of the highest-paid actors in the South Indian entertainment industry, Nayanthara is a respected and renowned personality. She is known for her acting style, sheer dedication to her work, and the roles she has done in her movies so far. On top of everything, her personality and fashion sense also position her higher than many other actors in the industry. Most often, the actor has been the center of news pieces due to her simple looks, ethereal beauty, and down-to-earth character. 

But this time, she hit the news bulletin for an entirely different but exciting reason. She finally made her Instagram debut by posting a reel where she was seen walking with her newborn twins, Ulag and Uyir held securely in her arms. All three of them posed with style to the camera as they wore black sunglasses and looked chic from all aspects. (Shocking & Interesting Information: 8 Most Expensive Weddings In Bollywood Industry)

The Much-awaited Debut On Instagram

Social media is certainly a big part of every celebrity’s life. But it seemed Nayanthara was somewhat aloof from these platforms all these years. Now that she has become a mother to two lovely angels, her fans expected her to have a low-key life, especially since she has both her hands full. So, when she finally posted a reel on her Instagram account, everyone was taken aback in utter surprise. Who would have thought that the Lady Superstar of the South Indian entertainment industry would make her debut on Insta while flaunting Rajnikanth’s style with two babies? 

It can be considered her inaugural video on the platform, which further depicts the actor dancing and lip-syncing to one of the splendid songs from the South, Hukum by Rajnikanth. The way she walks and continues to sway her body with the tune is the true manifestation of her cheerful and vibrant persona, something Nayanthara has always portrayed to the public. What’s more, is her two adorable munchies who accompanied their mother in the same style and formed the center of attention.

The caption on her performance, “Nan Vandhuten Nu Sollu” seemed to be well-descriptive and apt, seeing how the phrase means “Tell them I’ve arrived” in English. Nayanthara certainly knows how to make an entry and the post clearly paid homage to her title of being the Lady Superstar. The soft white-colored co-ord set she paired with black sunglasses accentuated her beauty and charisma on so many levels. But what further added twist to her post was the twins dressing up similarly to their mother.  (Know More About Celebrity Death – Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us)

Minimal But Meaningful Following List On Insta

Seeing how Nayanthara made her debut on Instagram this late, it was expected she would take things slow. And true to the expectations, the actor did control the pace. So far, she has followed only five accounts, all of which are meaningful per her career and profession. Her “Following” list includes Shah Rukh Khan, her production house, Vignesh Shivan, US First Lady Michelle Obama, and music composer Anirudh.  (Interesting Topics – Celebrity Weddings In 2023: All The Couples Who Got Married This Year)

Nayanthara’s Bollywood Debut With The Esteemed Movie, Jawan

The Lady Superstar has always been super dedicated to her as can seen from how well all the roles have been portrayed in the movies so far. Nayanthara not only understands the characters well but the way she portrays them is truly commendable. So, when news of her making Bollywood debut with the prestigious King Khan hit the TV, her fans were elated. It came as a real surprise for everyone but she received lots of love and support from her fans. 

Not only would she share the same screen with Shah Rukh Khan as the female lead in the movie Jawan but she also lent her voice for Hindi dubbing of the movie. It further elevated the excitement of seeing her on the big screen with one of the all-rounders of the Indian entertainment industry. Everyone expected her to make a public appearance at the audio launch event of Jawan held in Chennai. But she wasn’t present at the promotion, citing Onam celebrations as the primary reason for her absence. 

Even though the reason is not clear to many, we all are eagerly waiting to watch her on the screen. Her action-packed moves and the character she is playing in Jawan will be worth watching, especially since it is her debut in Bollywood. 

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