In the Spotlight: The Latest Denzel Washington Movie | Best Denzel Washington Movies

In the Spotlight: The Latest Denzel Washington Movie | Best Denzel Washington Movies

It must be challenging to carry around the title of America’s greatest living actor. You are going about your business and making an effort to choose challenging projects. However, people watch you and your performance and are curious about you, your personality, and what it’s like to be one of America’s greatest living performers. Denzel Washington has handled that responsibility gracefully and has managed to preserve a classic sense of movie star mystique.

Along with a feeling of guilt and responsibility – which he has occasionally kicked against – Washington’s most formative roles are characterized by his boundless charisma and ability to be both engrossingly sarcastic and profoundly sincere. He has been bendable enough to locate additional gold no matter which direction he is pushed.

With Washington’s latest cinematic outing, “The Equalizer 3,” showing on big screens now, and the actor saying goodbye to legendary action hero Robert McCall, Empire is looking back at his pioneering career, picking out the ten very best Denzel Washington movies in order from a lifetime of great, important filmmaking. Read the official list now: (You Will Also Love To Explore – Bella Ramsey’s Most Memorable Movie And Tv Performances)

1) Training Day (2001)

Authorities who are so determined to defeat the bad guys that they are willing to go as far outside of the law as their prey is a frequent motif in Denzel Washington’s best movies. The most severe example is probably Detective Alonzo Harris.

In the first few minutes of Antoine Fuqua’s thriller, he holds his younger partner Jake (Ethan Hawke) at gunpoint and forces him to smoke marijuana before revealing that it is actually laced with PCP. He is a bad dude.

Over 24 hours Alonzo and Jake go deeper and deeper into a deeply corrupt Los Angeles while Alonzo attempts to outrun bad decisions from his own past. Loose and energetic, Training Day is a platform for Washington’s most out-of-control, unpredictable performance yet, and he has enormous fun with it. Boom! (Are You a Movie Lover Then You Should Watch Jamie Campbell Bower Movies And Tv Shows)

2) American Gangster (2007)

Denzel Washington and one of the Scott brothers together have a history of producing wonderful things, so we’re writing down this unwritten rule immediately. He collaborated with Tony on multiple occasions, although his first role for Ridley was more dramatic than action-oriented. Currently, you can find some of Denzel Washington movies on Netflix.

He’s terrific as Frank Lucas, the swaggering, charismatic crook who is partially modeled on the real Lucas, climbing the ranks to attain genuine authority.

Washington rarely portrays truly evil characters, but he successfully brings out the dark side of Lucas while still maintaining his likable combination of charm and cunning. (Know About Your Favourite Celebrity Pregnant News – Celebrities Who Already Given Birth And Are Expecting A Baby In 2023)

3) He Got Game (1998)

“He Got Game,” one of several Spike Lee films during Denzel Washington’s career, flips the clichéd premise from classic sports movies that a character must triumph in order to be saved by playing the actor as a parent who has already been written off but needs sports to save his son. 

Jake Shuttlesworth was sentenced to prison for the unintentional death of his wife, but a governor granted him a week’s release so that he could try to convince his basketball prodigy son to sign with the governor’s alma mater. While this film is not a new Denzel Washington movie, it remains a significant and thought-provoking entry in his filmography.

However, his son is not too happy to meet his father. Washington is given a character that offers him a lot to chew on in this thoughtful, methodically paced film, and he plays Jake with delicacy and restraint. (Looking best movie collection then make sure to watch Hunter Doohan Films And Tv Series Worth)

4) Malcolm X (1992)

Spike Lee’s monumental biography of the civil rights activist was his first collaboration with Denzel Washington, and it took 25 years to complete before it was released in 1992. While Denzel Washington’s action movies, this particular film, “Malcolm X,” leans more towards drama and biography.

In the late 1960s, James Baldwin began working on a script; afterward, he declared he’d “rather be horse-whipped” than do it again. Lee led efforts for a Black filmmaker even though a white director named Norman Jewison was already on board. (Movies can be the more fun when you will use it for games – New Movie Names For Dumb Charades In 2023)

5) Devil In A Blue Dress (1995)

Denzel Washington had never produced a sequel in his lengthy and successful career until he tied the score a second time with “Devil In A Blue Dress,” making it one of the noteworthy Denzel Washington movies. 

Washington is as slick and captivating as ever, lending Easy a certain charm and sense of the underdog. But he’s also selfless enough as a performer to hand up the focus to Don Cheadle, whose horrifying, comic, and erratic act as Easy’s insane pal, Mouse, solidified him on the Hollywood radar. 

An all-time favorite is the scene where Easy tries to control a belligerent and inebriated Mouse. It’s just a couple of decades late, but Franklin’s gorgeous film, which he also authored, is now receiving the recognition it rightfully deserves. (Sad News For Movie Lover – Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us)

6) Glory (1989)

The first all-black volunteer unit in the US Army is the subject of this excellent 1989 drama, which stars Morgan Freeman, Andre Braugher, and Matthew Broderick in an all-star ensemble. As you explore the Denzel Washington movies list, you’ll come across this notable film.

The scene for which it is best known, however, is an extended close-up of Denzel Washington’s face when his character Trip, an escaped slave, is mercilessly flogged for defying an order. This is in spite of all the powerful performances and breathtaking fighting scenes.

Without uttering a word, Trip simply looks his commander in the eye (Broderick), his unwavering gaze telling volumes. Finally, he sheds a solitary tear from his right eye. The idea to have Trip’s back covered in horrific scars came from him after seeing an old photograph of a similarly disfigured slave. 

7) Man On Fire (2004)

No matter how errant, compromised, or Pyrrhic Washington’s characters’ wins turn out to be, you always get the impression that there is a deep, fundamental moral core in there that has been obscured. 

This is part of what makes Washington so compelling. In Tony Scott’s “Man On Fire,” John Creasy, a former CIA agent who has since turned into a sad alcoholic mercenary, finds new meaning in protecting his boss’s little daughter Pita (Dakota Fanning, who he will next be seen within Denzel Washington new movie, “The Equalizer 3”).

However, soon after, she is taken prisoner by evil powers, and Creasy must rescue Pita. Man On Fire is quite a lavishly bloody film, especially in the second half, as Creasy’s zeal to defend the child grows more and crazier. And by that, we plainly mean that he puts a bomb up someone’s butt in order to murder them. (Also Explore Which Favorite Celebrity get married this year – Celebrity Weddings In 2023)

8) Crimson Tide (1995)

“Crimson Tide,” which marks the beginning of a successful partnership between actor Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott, casts Washington as the recently promoted executive officer of a nuclear submarine. 

While reflecting on Denzel Washington’s latest movie, it’s worth revisiting this classic film where he played the role of the cool-headed Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter. Hunter angrily clashes with Captain Franklin Ramsey when Russian ultra-nationalists threaten to launch missiles at the United States and Japan. It’s not every performer who can go toe to toe with Gene Hackman, but Washington was more than up to the task.

9) Inside Man (2006)

Denzel Washington first movie takes on the character of Detective Keith Frazier in a heist film under Spike Lee’s influence. Washington is Detective Keith Frazier, a New York cop who is constantly two, three, four, or five steps behind a group of thieves. 

Everyone inside a Manhattan bank that has been taken over by the intruders is being held prisoner. The robbers appear to be playing a joke on Frazier because every strategy he employs fails. Washington plays Jake with subtlety and restraint in a character that gives him much to chew on.

Lee plays this mystery more seriously than usual, while Washington embodies the troubled nobility of Frazier by drawing on his previous Broadway performance as Brutus in Julius Caesar. (If you are a movie lover then you will love to read Trails Carolina Horror Stories)

10) Fences (2016)

Washington began his career in theater, showcasing the breadth of his talent. In 2010, he played one of his most celebrated parts in the first Broadway revival of August Wilson’s quietly potent drama, making it one of the best Denzel Washington movies. Troy is a 50-something working-class Pittsburgh native who is striving to provide for his family. 

Troy is played by Washington, who is brimming with understated desperation and is excellently paired opposite Viola Davis. Due to the actor’s strong connection to the script, the play won Best Revival of a Play, and Davis won Best Actress in a Play for the stage adaptation.

The decision to direct and star in the movie adaptation with Davis, Mykelti Williamson, Russell Hornsby, and Stephen McKinley Henderson all returning to their roles was a no-brainer. 

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