Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms Founder): Biography, Success Life Story And Latest Updates

Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Rooms Founder): Biography, Success Life Story And Latest Updates

Ritesh Agarwal is known as the founder of OYO Company and is one of the emerging start-up businessmen. He is a source of inspiration for all youth, who want to start their business because he has achieved praiseworthy success. Today his business is spread in 800 cities of the world. Due to this, Ritesh Agarwal has become the youngest self-made billionaire.

In such a situation, you must be curious to know about life, right? We will request you to stay with us till the end of the article, let’s start.

Who is Ritesh Agarwal?

Ritesh Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms. He founded OYO Rooms in June 2012. When he came and established it, he was only 17 years old. OYO rooms are spread in more than 80 countries of the world. Its total assets are Rs 9000 crore. (Also Check – Celebrity Deaths 2023: Stars We’ve Lost Us)

Biography of Ritesh Agarwal

Name – Ritesh Agarwal

Date of Birth – 16 November 1993

Birth Place – Orissa, India

Nationality – Indian

Home town – Bissam, Cuttack, Orissa

College – Indian School of Business and Finance

Profession – Entrepreneur

Awards – Thiel Fellowship

Net worth – 16,462 crores (in 2023)

Famous for – as the owner of OYO

Religion – Hindu

Height – 5 feet 9 inches

Weight – 70 kg

Eye’s Color – Black

Hair Color – Black

Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Ritesh Agarwal Early Life

Ritesh Aggarwal was born on 16 November 1993 in Raigarh, Orissa. His entire childhood was spent in his native place of Orissa. Ritesh Aggarwal had a very good childhood and was brought up properly as he belonged to a good Marwari family. Ritesh Aggarwal never faced any shortage of money for his career. His family was also quite good in terms of money.

Ritesh Agarwal Education

Ritesh Aggarwal received his primary education from “Sacred Heart School” which is located in Raigarh, Orissa. After this, he passed his 12th class and came to Kota to study engineering. But he did not feel like studying. This is the reason he used to go to entrepreneur events and seminars during his holidays due to which he did not get selected in engineering. After this, he left his studies and started his first startup business Oravel Stays at the age of 18. (You will also love to read Rupali Barua biography)

Ritesh Agarwal Career

According to Ritesh Aggarwal, his first start-up business Oravel Stays was launched in 2012, and the business grew rapidly. But his company was offering very low prices to the people. He was providing rooms but the comforts and facilities were not being taken care of, which is why people’s inclination towards this company decreased and a time came that they had to close their company.

After that, he again started his company with a new name OYO Rooms. During this period, his company provided hotels to the people at meager prices and also took special care of their comforts. So his company became more and more popular and gradually expanded to many countries of the world. Today its total turnover is 8000 crores.

OYO Rooms Business

Agarwal launched OYO Rooms in 2013, after which the company grew rapidly. In September 2018, the company raised $1 billion; in July 2019, Agarwal tripled his stake to $2 billion. Today, a total of 17000 people work in their company. OYO Rooms currently operates its business in countries like India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, the United States of America, and the UAE.

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Ritesh Agarwal Networth

Here, we have listed 5 years Net Worth of Ritesh Agarwal

20195,382 crore
20207, 800 crore
202111,528 crore
202214, 028 crore
202316,462 crores

Ritesh Agarwal Awards & Achievements

  • The first resident Asian to win 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship in 2013
  • Among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Tata First Dot Awards in 2013
  • TIE-Loomis Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 2014
  • Finalists of Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards India
  • World’s youngest CEOs

LATEST UPDATE: A new shark entered the third season of Shark Tank India, know who is he:

If you too are waiting for the third season of Shark Tank India (Shark Tank India Season 3), then there is a big update for you. This time a new start-up founder is entering along with all the judges. This is Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO. He has shared information about this on his Twitter. A small promotional video has also been shared regarding this, in which it is shown that Ritesh Agarwal is sitting on a shark chair on the sets of Shark Tank India.

Ritesh Agarwal has written in his tweet- “When I started my journey of entrepreneurship, there was a lot of shortage of resources at that time. However, the kind and helpful nature of everyone in the start-up ecosystem made it easy for me to get here”. He said that just as everyone has helped him, he also wanted to help others in the same way. “Whenever I got a chance, I associated with new entrepreneurs and helped them as a mentor. It gave me great happiness”. Ritesh further says that he has provided help to many start-ups. He helped many entrepreneurs through the Naropa Fellowship.

“He said that Shark Tank India has made a lot of entrepreneurship a family affair and I want to be a small part of Season 3 and help start-up founders from every corner of the country”. He has also shared a picture with Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Piyush Bansal. On the other hand, a small promotional video has been shared from the Instagram ID of Shark Tank India.

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In the above article, we have told you in detail about the life of Ritesh Agarwal. Ritesh Agarwal is a young Indian businessman who has started OYO Rooms Company. Ritesh Agarwal is a young entrepreneur, who is a source of inspiration for the youth. If you want to become a businessman then knowing about their life can be very beneficial for you.

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