10 Famous Mango Varieties Available In India

10 Famous Mango Varieties Available In India

India and mangoes go together like sunshine and smiles. This vibrant country boasts over 1,500 varieties of mangoes, each with its unique flavor, aroma, and texture. From the kingly Alphonso to the refreshingly tart Totapuri, there’s a mango for every taste bud and occasion.

At Media Circal, we’re taking you on a delightful journey through some of India’s most popular mango varieties. So, grab a virtual slice and get ready to explore the marvelous world of Indian mangoes!

1. Alphonso Mango: The Undisputed King

Reigning supreme is the Alphonso mango, India’s crown jewel. Grown in the Konkan region, Alphonsos are known for their exquisite sweetness, vibrant yellow skin with a greenish tinge, and a distinct aroma that fills the air. Their smooth, melt-in-your-mouth flesh is a true summertime delight.

2. Langra Mango: The Dusshera Favorite

Langra mangoes, popular in North India, are another beloved variety. Available from mid-July to September, they boast a beautiful greenish-yellow skin and a sweet, slightly tart flavor. Perfect for eating fresh or using in refreshing summer coolers, Langra mangoes are a staple during the festive season of Dusshera.

3. Chausa Mango: The Creamy Delight

Chausa mangoes, hailing from North India, are known for their large size, vibrant orange-red blush, and exceptionally creamy flesh. Their sweetness is perfectly balanced with a touch of tang, making them ideal for eating fresh or using in desserts like mango ice cream or shrikhand.

4. Malyathadi Mango: The Queen of Kerala

South India joins the mango party with the Malyathadi, also known as the “Apple of Kerala.” This unique variety has a beautiful oblong shape, greenish-yellow skin with red blush spots, and a sweet, mildly acidic flavor. Malyathadi mangoes are enjoyed ripe or green, making them a versatile addition to both sweet and savory dishes.

5. Kesar Mango: The Pride of Gujarat

Kesar mangoes, cultivated in Gujarat, are instantly recognizable by their vibrant orange-red color and oblong shape. They have a distinct, almost saffron-like aroma (kesar translates to “saffron” in Hindi) and a sweet, juicy pulp. Perfect for eating fresh or using in chutneys and pickles, Kesar mangoes are a true taste of Gujarat.

6. Neelum Mango: The Aroma King

Neelam mangoes, primarily grown in South India, are famous for their intense fragrance. Their deep green skin often has a purplish tinge, and the flesh is juicy and sweet with a slight tang. Neelam mangoes are enjoyed ripe or can be pickled for a unique flavor explosion.

7. Dasheri Mango: The Lucknow Favorite

Dasheri mangoes, originating from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, are known for their rich flavor and vibrant golden yellow color. They have a distinct fiberless flesh, making them perfect for enjoying straight from the peel. Popular during the summer months, Dasheri mangoes are a go-to choice for making delicious aam panna, a refreshing mango drink.

8. Pairi Mango: The Early Bird

For those who can’t wait for the mango season to kick off, Pairi mangoes offer a welcome respite. Arriving in the market as early as April, these mangoes have a vibrant yellow skin with a greenish tinge and a sweet, slightly tart flavor. Pairi mangoes are enjoyed ripe or can be used in pickles and chutneys.

9. Banganapalli Mango: The Andhra Pride

Banganapalli mangoes, also known as Safeda, are a popular variety from Andhra Pradesh. They have a large size, oblong shape, and a pale yellow skin with a greenish tinge. The flesh is sweet and juicy, with a slight fibrous texture. Banganapalli mangoes are perfect for eating fresh or using in juices and smoothies.

10. Sindhri Mango: The Pakistani Sweetheart

While technically from Pakistan, Sindhri mangoes are a cherished variety enjoyed across the border in India. These heart-shaped mangoes have a golden yellow skin with a reddish blush and a very sweet, almost honeyed flavor. Sindhri mangoes are a seasonal delight, typically available from July to September.

From the kingly Alphonso to the refreshing Langra, India’s mango varieties offer a delightful explosion of taste and texture. With so many options to choose from, there’s a perfect mango for every occasion. So, the next time you’re in India during the mango season, be sure to explore the vibrant world of these delicious fruits!

Do you have a favorite Indian mango variety? Share your experience in the comments below!

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