From Being In Love To Falling Out Of Love: Top Celebrity Breakups In 2023

From Being In Love To Falling Out Of Love: Top Celebrity Breakups In 2023

Whenever a confirmation is released regarding a celebrity couple, the entire fanbase goes crazy with excitement and thrill. It is so enthralling to see the couples acting all lovey-dovey, with PDAs as treats for the public eye. Furthermore, it becomes more fun when they end up tying knots and live happily ever after. But life is not full of roses! On the one hand, many celebrity couples work hard to maintain their relationships and lead a blissful life of togetherness. On the other hand, many couples have ended up being separated or divorced after falling out of love.

Such separation news is certainly devastating for the fans but let’s accept the fact that celebrities are also humans and they have the right to live life happily, even if it means getting separated from their partners. With the onset of 2023, the Hollywood industry has witnessed several couples falling out of love and ending up divorced. In this below article, we will shed light on a few couples who went through breakups recently due to multifarious reasons.  (Are you a WWE lover then you should explore Best 15 Female Wrestlers In The World)

Bradley Collins and Chrissy Metz

One of the most happening couples in the industry, Bradley Collins and Chrissy Metz shared a joint Instagram post on October 6, 2023. Here, they talked about their fallout and even explained how they still continued to love each other but couldn’t stay together. Bradley and Chrissy met and matched on Bumble. Their relationship was pretty blissful but after three and a half years, they realized that being together might not be the best option in their lives. That’s why they ended everything on mutual grounds but promised to be each other’s well-wishers for the rest of their lives. (Maximum people love to watch Football and you will love to know about Top 5 Indian Female Football Players)

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

The famous US-based singer, Taylor Swift has always been in the limelight due to her songs. This famous songwriter and singer was in a relationship with Joe Alwyn, an English actor for the past six years. Rumors about them getting engaged and tying the knot spread like wildfire over the past few years. Their fans were super elated to hear the news, especially as both Swift and Alwyn impersonated a happy couple from all senses. Several posts on social media accounts revealed the extent of love and sincerity in their relationship. However, things spiraled down when Swift and Alwyn declared their breakup after six years in April 2023. (Money is everything and it is some of Heroine read Top 6 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Businessman)

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, the middle child of the Jonas Brothers, and the famous GOT actress, Sophie Turner tied the knot in 2019 after dating for several months. Their married life was quite blissful as can be seen from numerous videos showing Sophie cheering for her husband publicly and vice versa. Joe even made a couple of music videos with his wife along with the two other Jonas Brothers and their spouses. However, their togetherness couldn’t last for long as Joe filed for a divorce on September 5, 2023. A few sources revealed that Joe realized divorce was the best decision for everyone, including their daughters after trying hard to salvage the marriage.  (Want to hire your favorite celebrity for your function then explore 7 Tricks To Attract Celebrity And Influencers)

Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush

Other celebrity couples who fell out of love are Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush. The One Tree Hill actress and business entrepreneur recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary a couple of months back. But things didn’t seem to be too positive after Sophia filed for a divorce two months after their first anniversary. What came as a shock to everyone was Sophia’s drastic move of deleting every trace of Grant from her social media accounts. Sources revealed that Hughes and Bush will continue to stay friends and run their non-profit ventures together but there won’t be any romantic or platonic relationship between them. (Are you pet lovers then explore Bollywood Celebrity Pet Lovers: 10 Stars And Their Beloved Furry Friends)

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