Animal People: Lee Asher Biography And Net Worth – Explore More About His Life, Career & Secret Facts

Animal People: Lee Asher Biography And Net Worth – Explore More About His Life, Career & Secret Facts

Everyone must know about a famous social media figure who gained recognition for his efforts to promote animal adoption and rescue. He is none other than Lee Asher, the well-known American animal advocate. He is also the co-founder of “The Asher House“. 

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Biography of this person

Real name – Lee Asher

Nickname – Lee

Date of birth – 25 August 1988

Birthplace – United States

Zodiac sign – Virgo

Nationality – American

YouTube debut – 2017

YouTube channel – The Asher House

Animal Rescue Story of Lee Asher

As of now, Lee has rescued more than 30 dogs across the US, including:

Molly-2012, Butters-2012, Cali-2013, Bo-2014, Lillie-2014, PomPoms-2019, Penny-2019, Loba-2021, Mauve-2021, Bentley-2021, Roger-2021, Ella-2021, Rollie-2021, Athena-2021, Hooch-2021, CeCe-2021 Bellamie-2021, Muffin-2021, Rosa-2021, Shelby-2021, Copper-2021, Lucy-2022, Xena-2022, Moo-2022, Clyde-2022, Mildred-2022, Poppy-2022, Joey-2022, Tommy-2022.

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Lee Asher’s Net Worth

Through business, coaching, and YouTube, Lee makes money as a corporate trainer and entrepreneur. His most of income comes from business, and his estimated yearly income is $1.08 million to $1.56 million.

In 2023, his net worth is $2 million including his brand value and all assets. Also, his monthly salary is around $90,000 to $130,000 which includes his all sources of income.


  • In the year 2008, he started his career as a trainer and founded a company named Lee Asher started his career as a trainer in August 2008 and founded a company called “NoLimitFitness AZ”. This company ran for more than two years till November 2010.
  • In April 2010, he joined Anthony Robbins Companies as a senior peak performance strategist and worked there for three years and four months until July 2013.
  • Lee joined Community Loans of America in July 2013 as a leadership development manager. In March 2014, he founded
  • Apart from business, now he is very popular on social media. He crossed 992K followers on Instagram and 306K subscribers on YouTube for his “The Asher House“.

After hearing his life story, you will surely be interested in doing this great work, right? Then rescue the abandoned animals without delay and encourage others to do the same work. Also, you can follow our website for more upcoming Celebrity News.

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