10 Amazing Benefits To Drink Sattu With Lemon On Empty Stomach

10 Amazing Benefits To Drink Sattu With Lemon On Empty Stomach

Mornings are a chance for a fresh start, and what better way to kick things off than with a healthy and energizing drink? Sattu, a flour made from roasted gram (chickpeas), has been a staple in Indian households for generations. But did you know that adding a squeeze of lemon to your sattu drink can unlock a whole new level of benefits?

Here’s why you should consider including this dynamic duo in your morning routine:

1. Digestive Delight: Sattu is packed with fiber, which helps keep your digestive system running smoothly. It promotes bowel movement and can help prevent constipation and bloating. The lemon juice acts as a natural detoxifier, flushing out toxins and aiding in overall gut health.

2. Hydration Hero: We often wake up slightly dehydrated after a night’s sleep. A sattu drink with lemon is a refreshing way to rehydrate your body. Sattu is naturally cooling, and lemon adds a touch of zest, making it a perfect drink, especially during hot weather.

3. Blood Sugar Balance: Sattu has a low glycemic index (GI), meaning it releases sugar slowly into your bloodstream. This helps prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes, keeping your energy levels stable throughout the morning.

4. Feel Fuller for Longer: Sattu is a good source of protein and complex carbohydrates, which keep you feeling satisfied for longer. This can help you avoid unhealthy snacking mid-morning and control your calorie intake.

5. Immunity Booster: Sattu is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, all essential for a strong immune system. Lemon juice, with its dose of vitamin C, gives your immune system an extra boost to fight off infections and stay healthy.

6. Weight Management Wonder: Feeling flabby? Sattu’s fiber content keeps you feeling full, reducing cravings and helping you manage your weight. The low-fat content is another plus!

7. Energy Explosion: Sattu is a natural source of complex carbohydrates, which provide sustained energy throughout the morning. Forget the afternoon slump – sattu with lemon can help you stay active and focused all day long.

8. Cooling Comfort: Struggling with the summer heat? Sattu is a natural coolant for the body. The combination with lemon juice further enhances this cooling effect, keeping you refreshed and energized on hot days.

9. Glowing Skin: Sattu’s protein content helps build and repair skin tissues. The antioxidants in lemon juice can help fight free radicals that damage skin cells. This power duo can contribute to a healthy, radiant complexion.

10. Natural Detoxification: Sattu’s fiber content helps cleanse the digestive system, while lemon juice acts as a natural detoxifier. Together, they can help eliminate toxins from your body, promoting overall well-being.

Ready to Try Sattu with Lemon?

Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 tablespoons roasted gram flour (sattu)
    • 1 glass of water (chilled or lukewarm)
    • Half a lemon (juiced)
    • Pinch of salt (optional)
  • Instructions:
    1. In a glass, mix the sattu flour with water.
    2. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add it to the mixture.
    3. Stir well to combine.
    4. Add a pinch of salt for extra taste (optional).
    5. Enjoy your refreshing and healthy drink!


  • You can adjust the amount of water depending on your desired consistency.
  • Add a pinch of black pepper for a touch of spice.
  • For a sweeter taste, mix in a teaspoon of honey or jaggery.
  • You can also blend the drink with some chopped fruits like mangoes or bananas for added flavor and nutrients.

Remember: While sattu with lemon is generally safe for most people, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before making any major changes to your diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

So, ditch the sugary breakfast drinks and embrace the power of sattu with lemon. It’s a simple yet powerful way to start your day feeling energized, healthy, and ready to take on whatever comes your way!

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